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‘Journal of Controversial Ideas’ Plans to Address Academia Censorship

Several academics are planning to launch the Journal of Controversial Ideas to combat censorship in academia. The Journal of Controversial Ideas is a proposed academic journal that could address issues of censorship in academia. One of the journal’s would-be editors, Peter Singer, is a professor of bioethics at Princeton University. Singer has long stirred controversy […]

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Idaho Professor Says Male Gamers Promote ‘Technomasculinity’

University of Idaho professor Robin Johnson argues that male gamers promote “technomasculinity” in a recent academic journal article. What is “technomasculinity?” Johnson explains that “technomasculinity” refers to the brand of masculinity that conjures up perceptions of men as being proficient with computers and technology. “The type of masculinity discussed is one that associates men with […]

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Fordham University Political Science Department Mandates Use of Students’ ‘Preferred Pronouns’

Fordham University’s Political Science department announced on Thursday that it had voted unanimously to adopt a new policy regarding students’ preferred names and gender pronouns. The policy mandates that professors must use a student’s “preferred” name and pronouns. The Political Science department joins the university’s Modern Languages and Literature as the second department to adopt […]

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Washington State Prof: McGill University ‘Redmen’ Team Name Is Racist

Washington State University Professor Richard King condemns Native American team mascots in a new book, including McGill University’s team name, the “Redmen,” despite the fact that it is most likely tied to the university’s heavy use of the color red, considered a central part of the university’s identity. King, who spoke at the prestigious McGill University in […]

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Camille Paglia: ‘Social Justice’ Has Become a ‘Pseudo-Religion’

In an interview with Quillette, renowned scholar Camille Paglia argued that “social justice” has become a “pseudo-religion.” Paglia, a professor at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, spoke with Quillette Magazine founder Claire Lehman for an interview that was recently published. Paglia covered topics ranging from postmodernism to the #MeToo movement. Lehmann asked Paglia about her […]

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Ireland to Establish ‘Women-Only’ College Teaching Positions

Ireland’s Minister for Higher Education announced Sunday the introduction of sex-specific teaching jobs to attack what she sees as persistent gender inequality on the island. In an op-ed for the Irish Independent, Minister Mary Mitchell O’Connor writes that in order to “accelerate” gender equality in Irish Higher Education Institutions, she is creating “female-only professorial posts […]

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‘World First’ – Scottish Schools to Have ‘LGBT Equality’ Embedded in Curriculum

The Scottish education system is to become the first in the world where primary and secondary schools are required in the curriculum to promote LGBT identity and lifestyles. Every state school will have to “embed” lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex “equality and inclusion” within “all levels of the curriculum from early years to senior […]

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DeVos Releases ‘Guide’ for Parents to Understand Report Cards Mandated by Federal Law

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos has released a “guide” for parents to help them understand the information mandated by federal education law to be provided on their children’s report cards. We’ve created this resource guide to understanding the state and local report cards required by #ESSA as part of our commitment to empowering parents and guardians […]